Balancing your strategic and financial goals with identifying opportunities and exposures when executing mergers and acquisitions can put a strain on your people and your budget. Harkness Advisors’ advisory services team can provide the support you need to maximize your value for the price paid.


In a business where new challenges and opportunities arise daily, our aggressive team consistently rises to the occasion. Years of established and well-esteemed business relationships, coupled with our expertise in securing campaigns, makes for an unbeatable combination. Our Expertise enables us to maximize a client's name, image, likeness, artistic works, trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property in a manner consistent with their priorities and long-term goals.


Harkness Advisors offers a variety of business-related services to companies, whether they are at the start-up stage or well-established institutions. Some of the ways Harkness’ professionals can help your company’s bottom line is by streamlining your operations, protecting your electronic information and helping you collect your receivables.