Operational & Specialty Services


Harkness Advisors offers a variety of business-related services to companies, whether they are at the start-up stage or well-established institutions.  Some of the ways Harkness’ professionals can help your company’s bottom line is by streamlining your operations, protecting your electronic information and helping you collect your receivables.

Harkness Advisors offers operational and specialty services, with particular expertise in internal controls, strategic management assistance and implementation, process metrics, performance benchmarking, service delivery design, and process improvement. We have deep understanding and hands-on experience with all manners of organizational optimization.

Harkness Advisors understands what it takes to deliver operational excellence.  Organizations need to learn how to be more competitive especially when customers become more and more demanding, and the competition is fierce. Operational excellence is therefore demonstrated by results that reflect sustained improvement over time, improvement in all areas of importance, and performance at a level that is at, or superior to, ‘best in class’ organizations.

We offer our clients a full range of comprehensive operational and specialty services.  Some of Harkness services include:

  • Internal Controls
  • Strategic management assistance and implementation
  • Implementation of pre-determined strategic goals
  • Implementation of finance and payroll policies and procedures
  • Corporate and departmental budget development
  • Assistance with hiring/firing and HR matters
  • Assistance with IT procurement and implementation
  • Accounting systems and database conversions
  • Quarterly financial reporting
  • Internal audit preparations
  • Monthly/ Year end reconciliations